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Eat like an Egyptian

If you've never been to Egypt, I've got to tell you, there's a lot you're missing, and by that, I don't only mean the Pyramids and the lovely city of Luxor, but also the spectacularly unique taste of authentic food here. It's like an amazing rollercoaster ride, only its a ride you'll never want to end, because it's captivating in every way ; watch your head though haha!

How about I take you on a quick trip through the tasty-licious dishes and recipes Egyptian people love and so shall you, I so hope.

Ful Medames

A highly recommended traditional Egyptian dish, Ful is. Simple it may seem, but I assure you it's anything but that. Whether its morning time or late at night, you can always have some Ful, an Ancient Egyptian meal, made up mainly of Fava beans cooked with various kinds of tasty spices such as cumin, salt and pepper, to give it the unique taste and flavor that left Ful one of the most iconic recipes Egyptians take pride in. Usually, we eat it in Baladi bread sandwiches (traditional bread) or by dipping bread pieces in the lovely Ful place. Most local restaurants in Egypt present this magnificently delicious and economic meal, so you might want to give it a try.


If you're ever in Egypt, I highly advise you, to give Egypt's national dish, Koshary a try. A great chance, for you and your family or friends to enjoy the rarely delicate taste of a mix of various cultures largely since, this dish, as it is today, resembles the contributions of Egyptian, Indian, British & Italian cuisine, with each adding its marvelous touch. Man, it sure is tasty! Koshary restaurants are widely spread, almost in street. Get ready to indulge the supreme flavor an unusual yet divine mix of lentils, macaroni noodles to which a spicy tomato sauce topping is added, as well as a special Middle Eastern spice blend, garbanzo beans, and fried onions.

You can't miss it.


Ready to get your mind blown? Now, its time to talk about Hawawshi, one of my personal favorites. It's simple and petit looking, but don't let appearances fool you, simply because Hawawshi is a spicy, crunchy, tasty monster. It's one of the very famous and lovable wraps Egyptian culture will ever know, usually made up of meat minced and spiced with onions, pepper parsley & sometimes hot peppers or chilies.
You can this delicious meal listed on possibly any traditional Egyptian food restaurant you meet. I sure hope you enjoy it, but make you take some Teheena salad with your Hawawshi as it add a nice touch and taste to it. Enjoy.


It is said that the word "Molokhia" was derived from "Molokia" meaning Royal, as a result of this delicious dish being restricted, during the middle ages, to the king and his family. Molokhia, or the leaves of Corchorus olitorius (same thing), is usually cooked with chicken or meat pieces to add to it an unbelievable jaw-dropping flavor and is served with white rice, accompanied with lemon or lime, while some people prefer to eat molokhia by dipping a piece of traditional "baladi" bread in a dish of Molokhia. Yummaay!


Ladies and gents, I present to you one of the most popular and delicious fast foods in Egypt and the Middle East. A definite must-try, Shawerma, is. In Egypt, we have many restaurants the specialize in making and awesomely presenting this delicious outcome of grilled meat or chicken pieces with several spices, lemon, salt and onions. Enjoy it!


Taameya (also known as Falafel)

Usually presented and ordered with Ful Medames, Taameya is one of the dearest breakfast and dinner elements of an Egyptian's daily routine. Its composed of Fava beans cooked and mixed with coriander, chicken peas and some spices, to give us the tasty Taameya, that resembles an all time favorite Egyptian fast food. Make sure, you try it. A winner!