An area located 10 kms from Saqqara, known as an important archaeological site. It is probably calmer and less crowded than the Giza Pyramids area and Saqqara and less tiresome to visit than the latters.

Dahshur is home to a huge part of the remains of ancient Memphis during the old kingdom, which is known as the Pyramid age. The three pyramids standing in the Dahshur area today, were built by the Pharaoh Sneferu (also Snofru) , father of Khufu (who built the Great Giza Pyramid). Sneferu, founder of the 4th Dynasty, led the construction of two whole pyramids in Dahshur as well as finishing the building of his predecessor's pyramid, at Meidum.

Dahshur isn't known as a top tourist attraction like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx for example. That is largely because it was a restricted military zone up until 1996, although recently the Egyptian government has been encouraging travelers to explore Dahshur. Surely increasing the exposure of this area, would assist in lightening the load on the Giza pyramids.

Opening hours : 8 am – 5 pm daily.


The Bent Pyramid of Sneferu:

The Bent Pyramid of Sneferu


Known to be the first attempt to build a steep-surfaced pyramid. Due to a lack of stability that didn't work out and it gained its "bent" appearance (hence, the name).


This is probably the second Pyramid assigned to be built by Pharaoh Snofru, having 2 burial chambers, each with its own entrance.


The Red Pyramid of Sneferu:

The Red Pyramid of Sneferu

It is the largest of the Dahshur Pyramids known for being the oldest true Egyptian pyramid (the North Pyramid).    The Red pyramid has no steps and is completely steep. This masterpiece gained its title as a result of the limestone layer weathering. It is possible to enter the pyramid, inside which a 15 m high burial chamber lies as well as two other. Body remains were found near the Red pyramid, and are thought to belong to Pharaoh Snofru.


The Maidum Pyramid:

The Maidum Pyramid


It is debatable whether this pseudo-pyramid was built during the Early dynastic Period by Huni "king of the 3rd dynasty", or during the Old Kingdom by Pharaoh Snofru "4th dynasty", although there is strong evidence that it was built by Snofru. There are no signs of Early Dynastic Period building trends in the design of this pyramid, which was primarily planned to be a stepped pyramid like Djoser's.

Apparently the work on Maidum pyramid stopped for 15 year, according to researches, probably because King Snofru decided to transfer his courts from Memphis to Dahshur, yet the construction of this mysterious pyramid went back on the trail , 15 years later when Snofru decided to carry on with it. Its notable that the lowest steps of the pyramid were filled to give the shape and appearance of a classic pyramid, a while before Snofru passed away.

It's the first Egyptian pyramid with a burial chamber located right above the first step level. According to one view point, that may have been an attempt to bring the chamber with a closer distance to the Sun god.





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