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Egyptian Museum


Founded in the 19th century, by French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette the Egyptian Museum is home the collection of artifacts and ancient monuments like no other in the world. The former location of the museum used to be Bulaq where it was first built in 1858, then it was moved to Giza, from which it was transferred to its current location in the heart of Cairo.



The museum, uniquely highlights all the eras of Egypt's history and civilization, but mostly antiquities belonging to the Pharaonic, Greek and Roman periods. 1700 out of the above 100,000 pieces in the museum were found during the discover of Tutankhamen's tomb : the gold mask which covered the pharaoh's head.

Tutankhamens tomb

There are also other pieces such as sarcophagi, papyri and other items.Other items found there include a statue of Queen Hetepheres, the first of its kind, black sculpture of Queen Nefertiti made of granite. There is also a scultpture of Amenhotep II.



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